She’s a pretty awesome girl!

She loves art, sports, animals, cooking,and school. From the outside, Katie appears to have a keen sense of confidence and courage, but she sometimes battles with anxiety on the inside. Katie describes the Truth-Queens in her brain, the ones who tell her the truth about her worries and fears. But, she also talks about the Story-Bugs, who make her doubt the Truth-Queens by whispering lies about the legitimacy of her worries. In this book, Katie Not-Afraidy will tell us what it’s like to live with childhood anxiety, and the coping skills she has found to manage it. The reader will catch a glimpse of the weight of Katie’s worries, and then the freedom she feels once she’s able to overcome them. This is a great book to read with any child who has battled with anxiety. It will help them to understand that they are not alone, and that the Story-Bugs will not win.

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We are the heroes of our own stories, our own Truth Queens and Kings, our Story Bugs can’t stop us from being who we were created to be.”

The book, and how Katie conquers childhood anxiety

This is the story of Katie Not-Afraidy, a little girl with big worries. In this story, Katie explains the difference between normal, (and even helpful) worries, and the kind of worries that she experiences. Katie’s type of worries creep into her mind and manifest physically in ways that make her feel uncomfortable and sometimes isolated. Katie refers to these worries as Story Bugs, because they fill her head with harmful lies. Through Katie’s journey, however, she learns that she has a wise Truth Queen within. When she learns how to tune into the Truth, she is able to conquer her anxiety. Katie reminds us that not all heroes wear capes. Some heroes exist simply to remind us that we’re not alone.


We love to share updates with Katie, useful resources, and information about childhood anxiety. We love to share updates with Katie, useful resources, and information about childhood anxiety.